Trip for Two to Sable Island 2022 – Winners!

This summer the Sable Island Institute hosted another raffle for a Trip for Two to Sable Island by helicopter with Kattuk Expeditions. Again this year, tickets were only sold in Nova Scotia. Ticket sales ended on August 30, and the winning tickets were drawn on September 1. The visit to Sable Island is planned for October 6, 2022, with a rain date of October 7, 2022.

Congratulations to Peter Ott, the grand prize winner of the Trip for Two to Sable Island

And also to Alan Isnor (2nd prize winner for $1,000) and Derek Near (3rd prize winner for $500)

Thank you to everyone who participated! We appreciate your interest and support.

Please see below for raffle details.

The Prizes:
1st Prize: Trip for Two to Sable Island, a value of $7,358
2nd Prize: $1,000
3rd Prize: $ 500

Ticket Sales End:
August 30, 2022 @ 11:59 pm ADT

Date draw:
September 1, 2022 @ 2:00 pm ADT

Draw location:
Alderney Landing Ferry Terminal Boardwalk in Dartmouth
All the winners were contacted to claim their prize.

The Sable Island Institute and Kattuk Expeditions appreciate the valuable logistical support and orientation briefings provided by Parks Canada personnel in the Sable Island National Park Reserve.

About us:

The Sable Island Institute’s mission is to support and promote the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural values of Sable Island through research, collaboration, and education.  This raffle is a fundraiser to support the Institute’s activities including on-island research such as the Beach Monitoring Program and ecological research, and arts and educational programs such as a writing contest for youth. The Institute is a multidisciplinary not-for-profit, charitable corporation based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Institute’s first fundraising raffle was held in 2019. For an account of the visitors’ experience, see Winner of the Trip for Two to Sable Island 2019.

Thank you for your support!

Licensed by Service Nova Scotia Permit # AGD-314183-22
See House Rules below.

A few scenes of the island in October

In October 2021, the Vision Air helicopter has landed on the helipad, and last year’s winner and fellow travellers step out into the Sable Island breeze and sunshine.

Before leaving the helipad, the visitors were met by Parks Canada’s Greg Stroud who welcomed them to the Sable Island National Park Reserve and provided a briefing. Some of the Sable Island Station’s buildings are in the background.

Visitors stop on a south beach dune for a view of the landscape: Pinetree Pond (at the left) and the wide, and partly flooded, south beach (at the right), with one horse grazing in the distance.

A band of Sable Island horses drinking at a freshwater pond. In October, their winter coats are just beginning to show.

Aster, one of the flowering plants most abundant in the fall, growing at the base of a slumping dune.

Dunes along north beach, with the marram grass tipped with gold in the October sunshine.

Scattered on the beach, some bones, some shells, some feathers…

House Rules:

  1. Raffle tickets can only be sold in the province of Nova Scotia (as licensed under the Nova Scotia Gaming Control Act).
  1. Tickets cost $50 each.
  1. Tickets are available online through
  1. Ticket sales will commence April 13th, 2022 and will cease at 11:59 pm (ADT) on August 30th, 2022
  1. A maximum of 500 tickets will be sold.
  1. All tickets sold will be printed, combined, and mixed in a raffle drum for the random physical draw.
  1. The three (3) winning tickets will be drawn at random, and the winners announced, as follows:
  •     Grand prize: Trip for Two to Sable Island with Kattuk Expeditions
  •     2nd prize: $1,000
  •     3rd prize: $500
  1. The draw will take place on Thursday, September 1st, 2022, at 2:00 pm (ADT).
  1. The draw will be held outdoors on the boardwalk at the Alderney Landing Ferry Terminal, on the Dartmouth waterfront in Nova Scotia.
  1. All participants, volunteers, and attendees at the draw shall comply with Nova Scotia Public Health Guidelines and protocols related to COVID-19.
  1. If the winners are present at the draw, they will confirm the matching ticket numbers to claim their prize.
  1. If the winners are not present at the draw, they will be notified by telephone, text, or email.
  1. Failure of any of the winners to claim their prize within 90 days after the draw date will result in a second draw for that prize. If a second draw is required for the grand prize (Trip for Two to Sable Island), it will be postponed until 2023.
  1. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the ‘Trip for Two’ to Sable Island cannot take place on October 6, 2022 or October 7, 2022, the trip will be postponed until 2023.
  1. The raffle draw winners will be announced on the Sable Island Institute’s website and through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  1. Employees and Board members of the Sable Island Institute, and their household family members, are not eligible to enter the contest.
  1. This raffle is sponsored by the Sable Island Institute, and is licensed by Service Nova Scotia, Permit # AGD-314183-22

Photos Zoe Lucas
Sable Island Institute

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  1. Ever since I was a child I dreamed of going to Sable island and seeing nature from a different perspective so close to home. Visiting would be a dream

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