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The Sable Island Institute’s mission is to support and promote the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural values of Sable Island through research, collaboration, and education. The Institute is a multidisciplinary not-for-profit organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sable Island is an isolated and unique landform located far off the east coast of Canada—the nearest landfall is 156 km away. Surrounded by the waters of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, the Island is exposed to winds, storms, waves and swell coming from every direction. It is home to a population of wild horses, and supports colonies of breeding seals and nesting seabirds. Throughout the year there are four to five people working and living on the island. The human population increases periodically with the arrival of researchers, artists, and other visitors. In 2013, the island was designated as the Sable Island National Park Reserve.
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Welcome to Our Website

This website is in development. It has the benefit of an enthusiastic group of contributors who are sharing memoirs, personal perspectives, and images. As this site develops, featured articles, reviews and posts will present resources and information on the island’s natural history, research and monitoring programs, arts and culture, management and operations, community, visitors, and general goings-on. In addition to new content, some items from the Green Horse Society’s website are being updated and moved into the Institute’s site.

We thank the Halifax Regional Municipality for funding (through a Program Grant in the Cultural Communities Sector), and the Friends of the Green Horse Society for funding and expertise, in support of our website project. The Institute’s logo was designed by Rand Gaynor, Halifax.


  • Shoreline surveys for marine litter, entangled seals, oiled seabirds, tar balls, and beached cetaceans can provide a wealth of information about environmental trends and the impacts of marine pollution.

  • The Sable Island Institute invites children living in Nova Scotia to research a Sable Island topic of their choice and write 500-1000 words of creative prose. Entries must be submitted by March 15, 2019.

  • I first visited Sable in 1974 while working for a Calgary based survey-engineering company. One of the company’s clients was Mobil Oil, and I was there to take measurements at Mobil’s West Sable well.

  • The Sable Island Institute wishes all Sable Island’s personnel, friends, and supporters the very best for a happy and healthy winter 2018-2019.


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