Sable in Words 2022 – Contest Winners

In January 2022, the Sable Island Institute launched its fourth writing contest:
Sable in Words 2022 – A Writing Contest for Youth

The contest closed on April 15, and all the submissions have been reviewed. Once again, we are delighted by the interest and enthusiasm of everyone who sent in stories and essays.

The winning submissions were chosen on the basis of creativity, research, and writing skills, these three criteria being equally important. It was not an easy choice as some entries had wonderful story ideas but were weak in grammar and structure, and others were very well written but would have benefited from more research. However, the winning stories were strong in all criteria.

The winners in each age group are:

10 – 13 years

Pippa Anderson
for “Sable’s Island

for The Storm

14 – 17 years

Chloe Slauenwhite
for “Daughter of the Wind and Waves

for “Gallop

The four Winners receive a cash prize, two books about Sable Island, a set of Sable Island note cards, and a membership in the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS).

We are very grateful to all four of our writers – Chloe, Dorey, Evelyn, and Pippa – for allowing us to share their work through publication in this website.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their writings to the contest. They were all interesting to read and provided some unique perspectives and insights, and some surprises. Some were essays that highlighted notable events in the island’s history, and others were stories about adventures, remarkable encounters, and friendships. We hope everyone will consider entering again next year.

This being the Sable Island Institute’s fourth annual writing contest, we are grateful to all those who have supported us.

Special thanks to Barry Wilson, Natalie Dow, and Myrna Noddin Bona, of the Education Innovation, Programs and Services Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and Ray Fernandez of the Nova Scotia Provincial Libraries, for sharing information about the contest with teachers and librarians respectively; to Marilyn Smulders, Executive Director, and Andy Verboom, Communications Officer, Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia; and to Susan Kerslake and Mary Jo Anderson for their help in every aspect of the contest.

The prize packages include some special contributions. The four memberships were donated by the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia; copies of Sable Island, Tales of Tragedy and Survival from the Graveyard of the Atlantic (2006), were signed and donated by author Johanna Bertin; and the unique, handmade presentation cards were once again created and donated by Monica Scribbans (see below). It is encouraging and exciting to have such an interested and supportive community. Thank you!

Janet Barkhouse and Zoe Lucas
for the Sable Island Institute, June 2022

Previous contests and winners

Sable in Words 2021

10 – 13 years
Anna Louise Tingley’s “Sable Island In Words
Holly Dyer’s “A Sable Island Story

14 – 17 years
Chloe Slauenwhite’s “A Horse’s Journey from Acadia to Sable
Fauna’s “The Dance of the Selkies

Honourable Mention
Sophias “The Lost Wreck of Sable Island

Sable In Words 2020

12 – 14 years:
Harriet Ritchie’s “Ipswich, a Tragedy
Laurie’s “Perling, Horse of Sable

15 – 17 years:
Fumairia’s “The Mysteries She Holds

Sable In Words 2019

12 – 14 years:
Harriet Ritchie’s “Sable Through the Eyes of a Pony
Quleanja Laureijs’s “Sable Island—My Home!

Honourable Mention
Jorja Taylor’s “A Pale Lady, Five Kids and a Missing Finger“.

Presentation cards created by Monica Scribbans for the Sable in Words 2022 writing contest – each with a silhouette of a mare and foal (black paper) applied to an inked and stamped background.

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