My Grandfather, Born on Sable Island – Noella Brennan Fisher, 2018

Image above: Adventure Canada passengers walking on the North Beach, July 2017. Photo Zoe Lucas.

My grandfather, Daniel Patrick Brennan, was the first registered male child born on Sable Island. He was born May 31, 1865 to my great grandparents, Bridget Anna (Stephens) and Daniel Brennan when Daniel worked at Sable as I believe, a life saver although I am not certain of his status there. They were there for several years as another child or two were born there.

In 2017, I fulfilled a long held dream of mine when after several attempts to fly to Sable, I and a couple of friends were taken there by Adventure Canada in July, 2017, on the “Endeavour”. We spent four glorious days getting on and off the island. I truly jumped up and down when I finally set foot on the sands of Sable. It was wonderful and mysterious. Not many signs of early settlement remain on the island but I did take pictures of the sand where shards of dishes, a pot bellied stove, hand made nails and a few other metal remains of one of the old life boat houses on the South Beach had washed up. The difference between the North Beach where we were anchored and where it was perfectly calm and sunny that day and the South Beach only 2 miles across the island, where it was blowing a gale, foggy and very rough surf, was most interesting. I would return in a heart beat if circumstances permitted.

My grandfather, Daniel Patrick Brennan.

Noella Brennan Fisher
Prepared for the Sable Island Institute, June 2018


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