Jessome, Bill. 1999. The Sea Ghost of Sable Island; and Mrs. Copeland’s Ghost, pages 28-29, 62-63, in “Maritime Mysteries”. Nimbus Publishing.

Summary (ZL): Previously published in Edith Mosher’s 1982 book “Haunted”, the story of the Sea Ghost of Sable Island begins in September 1856 when the American brigantine Alma stranded at Sable Island. A crew from the life-saving station—the Sable Island Humane Establishment—attempted to reach the stranded vessel but their lifeboat capsized in the heavy seas. The bow oarsman went overboard and drowned, and his body was not recovered. Several months later, in December, the schooner Eliza Ross was in trouble and the life-saving crew again attempted a rescue. The crew was using the same boat as had capsized during the Alma stranding, and the lost oarsman’s seat was vacant. As the boat crew rowed towards the stricken schooner, a dripping, wild-eyed man climbed up out of the water and into the boat—he took the vacant seat, grasped the oars and began to row. With his help, the lifesavers were able to rescue the sailors on the Eliza Ross. As they headed back to the beach, the soggy oarsman rowed with them until they reached the location where he had climbed into the lifeboat. There he laid down the oars, went over the side and returned to the water, disappearing into the waves.