Zinck, J. 1979. Shifting Sands. T&T Publishing Co., Dartmouth. 94 pages.

Note (ZL): This book, a 15 x 23 cm paperback, includes 35 black-&-white illustrations (12 line drawings and 25 photos), one colour photo, and a foldout map of shipwrecks. Much of the material covered in this book has been covered in more detail and more reliably by other authors (e.g., Lyall Campbell, Barbara Christie, and Bruce Armstrong).

Most interesting is the final chapter, titled “Below the Surf”. It records a conversation between the author and two professional divers engaged in a marine salvage operation near Sable Island. The divers—Barry Lohnes and Jim Ritcey, founders and owners of the Dominion Diving company based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia—were salvaging from a shipwreck off the north side of the island. Although Zinck does not mention the name of the wreck in his account, it was the S.S. Independence Hall, a wartime freighter that was lost near the island in March 1942. Jim Ritcey, who passed away in 2002, was honoured posthumously with the 2004 Offshore/Onshore Technologies Association (OTANS) Petroleum Pioneer Award for his role in development of Nova Scotia’s offshore supply and service industry.