Stalter, R & EE Lamont. 2006. The historical and extant flora of Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 133: 362-374.

Note (ZL): At the time of publication, both authors were based in New York—Stalter with the Department of Biological Sciences (St. John’s University), and Lamont, an Honorary Research Associate at the Institute of Systematic Botany (The New York Botanical Garden). Only the first author visited Sable Island (August 2002). The purpose of the visit was “to survey the extant flora and compare it with the historical flora of the past 100 years”. However, since Stalter was only on the island for half a day, and did not travel much beyond the western quarter of the island, this is primarily a review of previously published material, albeit with some shortcomings:

  • missing source citations;
  • liberal misspelling of names (e.g., Güssow, spelled Glissow and Giisso), and Acadian people referred to as “Arcadian”, etc.;
  • historical inaccuracies (e.g., that cultivation of crops and animal husbandry by personnel of the Life Saving Stations did not begin until 1813).

The authors also state, incorrectly, that “vouchers of vascular plant species were not collected because a collecting permit was denied by the island’s manager, Gerry Forbes”. Forbes, an Environment Canada employee, was the Station Manager for the Meteorological Service, and had no role in processing permit requests. Permission was denied by the Canadian Coast Guard, the responsible authority for Sable Island (until 2013 when the island became a National Park Reserve).