Ruffman, A, AAL Miller & DB Scott. 1985. Holocene relative sea-level rise at Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: correction and note. Geology, v 13: 661-663.

Abstract: The map provided in Scott et al. (1984) showing the three 1981 boreholes on Sable Island is incorrectly drawn. The borehole locations are shown correctly on the published map relative to the various geographical features of the island, but they are shown incorrectly with respect to the geographical grid. If the geographical coordinates of the three boreholes are determined and digitized from the map provided in the paper and then plotted on the most current bathymetric map, all three boreholes plot well out in the ocean to the south of the island. Sable Island has a reputation for minor shifts in its shoreline at the spits, but it has not shifted to such a degree in the past few years as to put any of the original, onshore borehole locations into the offshore area at the present time.