Ross, Fred. 1991. Horse latitudes. Leisure World, October 1991, 3(2): 8-9.

Note (ZL): The ~900-word article, illustrated with a photograph of a young Sable Island horse standing on the beach on the West Spit, begins with “First you must realize that Sable Island is the most incredible place on earth.” The author describes some of what a visitor is likely to see while walking on the island—particularly horses (“magnificent”) and seals (“everywhere”), and emphasizes the island’s fragility. There are a few errors in the article, including the following statements: “Sable Island is not open to tourists”, “the island still has a governor”, and “the horses are now a unique species”. Ross ends with a brief account of Mrs. Copeland and her bloodied ring finger, adding that visitors are “playfully advised to remove all rings from their fingers”. And like a good guest, he did. Overall the article presents no information that isn’t available in dozens of other magazine and newspaper accounts, however it is always interesting to hear how visitors respond to, and remember, Sable Island.