Raddall, TH. 1950. The Nymph and the Lamp. Published in paperback in 1994 & 2006, Nimbus Publishing Limited, PO Box 9166, Halifax NS B3K 5M8.

Note (ZL): The Nymph and the Lamp was first published in 1950 by McClelland & Stewart. In a review dated October 28, 1950, William Arthur Deacon, literary editor with the Globe and Mail, wrote
“The Nymph and the Lamp is Raddall’s first attempt at the contemporary novel. Its success is attributable to a number of factors, of which the most important is an ability to understand women – a matter in which most male writers of Canadian fiction have been deficient.” … “Grim backgrounds of angry seas and barren coasts have always been used by Raddall to isolate and emphasize the human struggles on which he focuses the reader’s attention. But his skill in the use of nature, till it merges with the human drama, here excels anything that has gone before.”

In the second-to-last paragraph of his review, Deacon continued
“The Nymph and the Lamp is a tremendous advance from Raddall’s previous achievements in fiction, and opens to him a much wider field of subject matter. He has been for a decade among the more noteworthy Canadian writers. This new novel, unlike anything he has done before, is an ambitious effort and entirely successful.”

In an advertisement accompanying Deacon’s 1950 review, Raddall’s book (a hardcover) was selling for $3.00.