The Sable Island Institute (SII) now has a membership program!

There are three classes of members:

  • Junior – Less than 16 years old (no dues).
  • Regular – 16 or older; dues are $20 to join and renewed each calendar year.
  • Life – 16 or older; one-time dues of $250.

All members will receive a periodic newsletter, invitations to events, and direct notification of SII public activities. Only Regular and Life members are entitled to attend and vote at all meetings of the membership.

SII Membership Form

The Membership Form can be completed by:

a) download the form and use Adobe Acrobat Reader or alternative form-filling software, or
b) print and complete the form, scan it, and send by email as an attachment, or
c) print and complete the form and send by postal mail.

As a member of the Sable Island Institute (SII) you will be a partner in our mission to support and promote the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural values of Sable Island through research, collaboration, and education both on and off the island.

Examples of the Institute’s activities include ecological research and environmental monitoring, and educational programs such as writing contests for youth. The Institute’s work is conducted in collaboration with Parks Canada and other government agencies, and with university researchers and community partners.

The Sable Island Institute also greatly appreciates donations. Just click the donate button at the top right or at the end of this page.

Sincere thanks to all our present and future supporters.