The Sable Island Institute is not yet offering memberships. Before embarking on a membership drive and offering various membership options—individual, student, corporate, annual and lifetime—we are exploring how we may provide benefits for members (newsletter, events and workshops, product discounts, etc).

If you want to support the programs of the Sable Island Institute—which include the legacy projects of the Green Horse Society and the long-term work of Zoe Lucas and her colleagues—please leave your contact information and we will send you details and options as soon as our membership program is up and running. We appreciate your patience as we work to develop a unique and worthwhile program.

We also welcome any suggestions regarding the design of our upcoming membership program.

In the meantime, the Sable Island Institute greatly appreciates donations. Just click the donate button at the top right or at the end of this page.

Sincere thanks to all our present and future supporters.