Krista Patriquin

Krista is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biology at Saint Mary’s University and is employed by the Sable Island Institute as the Research Coordinator for the Fences in the Sand project – a collaboration between the  Institute and Parks Canada to understand how the wild horses influence the ecosystems and organisms on Sable Island National Park Reserve.  Krista brings with her more than 20 years’ experience conducting fieldwork in various parts of Canada, the US, and Panama where she spent her time chasing bats through forests, prairies, jungles, and urban parks to better understand their behaviour and habitat needs.

As an environmental consultant, she spent her days snowshoeing and flying around in helicopters looking for wildlife, and her nights listening for, and catching, bats to help inform best practices for the oil, gas, and wind energy sectors. When not in the field, Krista enjoys sharing what she has learned with colleagues, university students, children, and the public through scientific publications, teaching undergraduate courses, and community outreach. For more information about Krista, you can visit her website: