Klimaszewski, J., CG Majka & D Langor. 2006. Review of the North American Tarphiota Casey, with a description of a new seashore-inhabiting Atheta species exhibiting convergent characteristics (Coleoptera: Aleocharine). Entomological Science 9: 67-78.

Note (ZL): The small rove beetle Atheta novaescotiae (3.0-4.0 mm in length, collected on Sable Island by Z Lucas during summer 2004), is very abundant in the island’s beach habitats. It congregates in large numbers on seabird corpses (e.g., shearwaters, gulls, terns, alcids), and on the bones and decomposing tissue of seals and cetaceans. On Sable Island, A. novaescotiae is also commonly found on horse dung where the dung is deposited on the beach. However, collections of beetles from horse dung in inland areas of the island (i.e., areas inside the outer dune line along the beach) did not include specimens of A. novaescotiae, indicating that this species has a close association with the seashore environment.