The items on this page are a collection of updates and reports on Sable-related events and activities, and short accounts about selected features of the island’s natural and human history, operations, and cultural life. Some predate the establishment of the Sable Island National Park Reserve in 2013, and of these a number were previously published in the website of the Friends of the Green Horse Society.

The items here are not organized by subject and/or by date of occurrence. They are presented in this page only in the order of publication (i.e., date of publication in this website). Some of the articles are “news”, while others provide some background details about people, projects, programs and operations both on and off the island—all slices of life and times of Sable Island.

Roll Clouds of Sable Island

A roll cloud is a rare, and often spectacular, meteorological phenomenon. Since 1976, there have been six reports of roll clouds passing over the island. The most recent was this summer, on July 9th.

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Visit Sable Island!

The Sable Island Institute hosted a raffle for a Trip for Two to the Sable Island National Park Reserve in mid-September 2019. The winning ticket was drawn on July 20th.

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A Tale of Two Gatehouses

The Institute is presently headquartered in a building with an intriguing history, the Gatekeeper’s Lodge in Point Pleasant Park, built in 1896 and modelled after Wycombe Lodge in Buckinghamshire, England.

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