Foley, Tim. 2018. Some Pages from the Journal of James Morris, Founder, Sable Island Humane Establishment, 1802. Pages 278-286, in A Book of the Sea, edited by Mark Beech, Egaeus Press MMXVIII, 320 pages.

Note (ZL): “Some Pages…” is a portion of a longer piece of historical fiction, written by Tim Foley, telling the story of the first year of the Sable Island Humane Establishment—the life-saving station—through the eyes of its first Superintendent, James Morris. This story is based, in part, on Morris’s journal notes which refer to finding wreckage of an unidentified vessel recently washed ashore, and seeing a strange dog in the distance. The nine-page story features several of the other people who were on Sable Island at the time—Captain Burrows (Captain of the ship Hannah and Eliza which was wrecked on the island in December 1801), Patrick King, and Morris’ wife Susannah.

The anthology, A Book of the Sea, is a special, limited edition of a collection of evocative sea stories. Egaeus Press is an English small press, based in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, that publishes “morbid and fantastical works” in very limited editions—A Book of the Sea is a 400-copy edition. Egaeus sells primarily through its website, though its publications are stocked by a chosen few specialty book stores. Egaeus has a reputation for producing beautifully crafted hardcover books.