Dorianne Rheaume

Secretary, Sable Island Institute

Dorianne retired recently as a Senior Radiation Oncologist and hopes to bring some skills learned along the way and to meet new challenges with enthusiasm.

Dorianne has served in executive positions on the National Specialty Committee in Radiation Oncology and the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology, overseeing the development and implementation of standards for clinical training and specialty practice, and also research and advocacy activities. She led Undergraduate and Postgraduate Radiation Oncology Residency Training Programs at Dalhousie and UBC, respectively, and has guided many young, talented professionals during their rigorous training. Dorianne was actively involved in process development, the introduction of synoptic reporting, and the piloting of new procedures in a highly technical field.

With a long-term interest in Sable Island, and a great supporter of the work of the Green Horse Society, Dorianne offers her time, energy, and project management skills to the important work of the Sable Island Institute.