Brad Toms

Director, Sable Island Institute

Brad Toms is a Wildlife Biologist at the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute. He is a conservation biologist whose primary focus is on the recovery of Species at Risk through collaborative research and monitoring. Brad has been lucky to work on the recovery of a wide variety of at risk taxa including lichens, insects, plants, birds, reptiles and mammals. He is also a pelagic bird and marine mammal observer.

Brad first visited Sable Island in 2006 to monitor the Ipswich Sparrows and conduct a tern census as an intern with Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS). He was lucky to return as a volunteer with CWS to monitor post-breeding season terns in 2013 and later as a contractor to Parks Canada to monitor Roseate Terns, Ipswich Sparrows and gulls in 2016 and 2018.