Anon. 1927. Battered dories found. New York Times, September 13, 1927.

Transcription (ZL):

Craft Reaching Sable Island Are Believed From Lost Schooners.

HALIFAX, N.S., Sept. 12.—Five battered dories and a pair of oars marked “Columbia” were reported today washed up on Sable Island, the “graveyard of the Atlantic.” It was believed that the dories may have belonged to one of three fishing vessels thought to have gone down with all hands in the hurricane of Aug. 24.

The American fishing schooner Columbia has been reported safe since the storm and it was thought the oars marked with her name may have been lost from that vessel.

The missing schooners are the Clayton Walters and Mahalla, with their crews of forty Nova Scotians, and the Joyce C. Smith, with a crew of twenty-one, mostly Newfoundlanders.