Anon. 1926. Fishing schooner crew feared storm victims. Cortland Standard, Cortland, New York, August 11, 1926.

 Transcription (ZL):

Nine Bodies and Several Dories Washed Ashored—Captain Mosher and Sixteen Others Missing

Halifax, Aug. 11. (AP)—Twenty-six members of the crew of the auxiliary fishing schooner Sylvia Mosher are believed to have perished when the craft was piled up, a total loss on the north side of Sable Island during a hurricane last Saturday.

Capt. John Mosher, 25, and married, is among the missing. It is said that nine bodies and several dories have washed ashore on Sable Island.

The Sylvia Mosher was the highliner of the Lunenburg fishing fleet. All the members of the crew were Nova Scotians. The wreck was sighted yesterday by members of the island life saving staff. There was no sign of any of the ship’s crew. Throughout the day the islanders searched the beach and scanned the waves without discovering any trace of the missing men.

In Lunenburg there was some hope that some of the men had saved themselves. It was pointed out that if the crew escaped from the vessel in the dories they might be proceeding toward the main land, or else they might have been picked up by some ship not equipped with wireless, and therefore not able to report.

Several empty dories washed ashore on Sable Island during the day, but it is believed these may have been torn loose from the vessel by the waves after she was abandoned.