Anon. 1899. Schooner Lost, Crew missing. Buffalo Evening News, July 20, 1899.

Transcription (ZL):

Mattie [sic] Worcester Wrecked on Sable Island, and Only Two Men Have Landed.
Fourteen Others Took to the Boats, But Have Not Been Heard From and May Have Perished.

HALIFAX, N. S., July 20.—A special from Canso says:

The schooner Hattie E. Worcester of Gloucester, Mass., was wrecked on Sable Island on Monday night last.

Two of the crew, James L. McDonald of Montague, P. E. I., and Henry Jodrey of Digby arrived here in a dory yesterday and reported that the vessel left the fishing grounds in the straits of Belle Isle on Monday of last week for Gloucester with a fare of 65,00 pounds halibut. Monday last a strong breeze sprung up and at 10:30 that night with a heavy southwestern wind, the vessel struck on the northeast bar of Sable Island and the crew of 16 men hurriedly put some food and water in five dories and left the vessel in the darkness.


McDonald and Jodery [sic] decided to steer for this port and arrived here at 2 this morning. They feel somewhat uneasy about the others of the crew, as they say they could not land on the south side of the island, and to row around south side would mean a great task in a thick fog, which shut in after getting clear of the wreck.

The Worcester had, on July 6, in the fishing grounds, lost two men by drowning. The men who landed here are being cared for by the American Consul and will be sent home. The Government steamer Newfield left Halifax for Sable Island on Monday and is due at the island tomorrow morning. She will at once return with a report of the wreck, and may be expected here tomorrow night. Incoming vessels may, however, pick up some of the missing men.


GLOUCESTER, Mass., July 20.—The schooner Hattie E. Worcester was under command of Capt. Crowell and carried a crew of 18 men. It is the belief that most of the members were natives of the provinces.

The schooner was of 117 tons register and was built 10 years ago in Essex, Mass. She was valued at $9000 and was protected by an insurance of $7500.