Admiral Digby Library & Historical Society. 2005. An Artist’s View of Sable Island – Watercolour Sketches by Dr. J.B. Gilpin, 1854. Published by the Admiral Digby Library & Historical Society, Digby, Nova Scotia, 20 pages

Note (ZL): This booklet, 21.5 x 28 cm, presents full-page colour reproductions of some of the sketches and watercolours created by John Bernard Gilpin while he was on Sable Island. Gilpin, a Nova Scotian physician, visited the island in summer 1854 to care for an expectant mother, the wife of Superintendent Matthew McKenna. During his ten-week stay (May 3 to July 15), Gilpin made numerous illustrations of the island’s landscape, wildlife, and lifestyle. In February 1858, Gilpin delivered before the Athenaeum Society a talk about the island—”Sable Island: its past history, present appearance, natural history, &c., &c., a lecture”. Twelve of Gilpin’s watercolours are on permanent display at the Admiral Digby Museum, 95 Montague Row, Digby, Nova Scotia.