About the Institute

The Sable Island Institute, a registered not-for-profit with charitable status, is a multidisciplinary organization that will conduct and support Sable Island programs ranging from biodiversity surveys to public outreach initiatives. The Institute is expanding on the roles of the Friends of the Green Horse Society (FGHS), and will continue the Society’s key projects and events. The FGHS enthusiastically supports the Sable Island Institute, and the two organizations are presently collaborating on several projects. The Sable Island Institute is registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act S.C. 2009, c.23, and is a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Institute is presently located in the Gatekeeper’s Lodge in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Friends of the Green Horse Society

The Friends of the Green Horse Society (FGHS) is an inspiration and a partner in the development of the Sable Island Institute. For over a decade, the FGHS, a not-for-profit organization registered under the Nova Scotia Societies Act, conducted on-island monitoring and research programs (such as biodiversity surveys for lichens, mosses, and invertebrates), and organized educational and public awareness events for schools and public interest groups. But there have been green horses turning up for almost fifty years. As for these two, we thank Sandra Barry.
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A growing list of individuals are contributing their energy and talents to the Sable Island Institute. Gina Little is sharing her photos, Marielle Thillet is assisting with translations, and Elizabeth Leadon recorded her experience on one of Adventure Canada’s visits to the island.
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Officers & Directors

Zoe Lucas


Zoe Lucas has over forty years experience as a naturalist on Sable Island, conducting various research and monitoring programs including terrain restoration projects and biodiversity studies. She is a Research Associate with the NS Museum, and has an Honorary Doctorate degree from Dalhousie University.
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Andrew G Horn

Director of Science

Andy Horn is Research Adjunct at Dalhousie University, specializing in the behavioural ecology of animals, especially birds. He has been involved with research and conservation of Sable Island’s bird life for over 20 years.
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Dominique Gusset


Dominique Gusset has over 30 years experience as a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker and a passion for environmental communication. She first visited Sable Island in the early 1980s, working with the terrain restoration crews.
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Jim McMillan


Jim McMillan’s 35-year career was at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography studying, with a team of scientists, biologists and technicians, the ecology of marine species. Beginning with work on groundfish ecology, Jim spent most of his career with the Grey Seal team researching foraging ecology on Sable Island.
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Anne Muecke


Anne Muecke studied geology at the University of Bristol and design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and worked for three decades with Griffiths Muecke Associates, an environmental consulting practice which she co-founded. During much of that time, Anne has also been a very active volunteer with arts and education organizations.
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W Don Bowen


Don Bowen, a marine biologist, is an Emeritus Research Scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has over 30 years of experience leading a team researching grey and harbour seals on Sable Island. Since 1986 Don has been an Adjunct Professor in Biology at Dalhousie University, Halifax.
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Advisory Council

In addition to its Directors and Contributors, the Sable Island Institute has an Advisory Council of experts who provide advice and guidance on issues and programming, and also participate in selected projects. Together, their Sable experience and interests include scientific research, the arts and design, and education and public outreach. Their insights, and their support and enthusiasm for the Institute, are invaluable.
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Krista Patriquin is employed by the Sable Island Institute as the Research Coordinator for the Fences in the Sand project – a collaboration between the Institute and Parks Canada to understand how the wild horses influence the ecosystems and organisms in the Sable Island National Park Reserve.