Plante, Y. 2008. Genetic diversity in the Sable horse population. Genesis 22(4): 7-11.

Summary (ZL): Genesis is the quarterly publication of Rare Breeds Canada, a not-for-profit charitable organization established to conserve and promote endangered breeds of livestock and poultry. This article is based on the paper by Plante et al. (2007) published in the Journal of Heredity, which reports estimates of the level of genetic diversity and divergence in the Sable horses in relation to various horse breeds, including draft and multipurpose breeds currently registered in Canada. The Sable population was found to exhibit lower genetic diversity than other feral horse populations, however field observations on body condition and reproduction indicate that the Sable horse is well adapted to the local conditions of a seasonally demanding environment with limited resources. It is possible that the Sable horse carries alleles that may be associated with its adaptation to its unique island habitat. This article is illustrated with five black-&-white photos of Sable horses. The cover shows a colour photo of a family band of three drinking at a freshwater pond. Photos provided by Z. Lucas.