Neil, K. 1983. A new species of Agrotis Ochs. (Noctuidae) from Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society 37: 14.

Abstract:  “A new species of Agrotis Ochs. From Sable Island, Nova Scotia is figured and described.

Recent biological surveys of Sable Island, Nova Scotia by the staff of the Nova Scotia Museum have added much to the local knowledge of the Lepidoptera of the island. One of the more interesting captures taken during these studies was a small series of pale Agrotis Ochs. Resembling Agrotis volubilis Harv. and Agrotis stigmosa Morr. (formerly Agrotis volubilis f. stigmosa Morr.). Subsequent investigation of these specimens plus additional material collected by the staff of the Biosystematics Research Institute, Ottawa, during the summer of 1967 showed that they represented an undescribed an undescribed species with distinguishing characters in the female genitalia.

Agrotis volubilis occurs from Newfoundland (Morris, 1980) and Nova Scotia (Ferguson, 1954) south to North Carolina, west to the Pacific (Forbes, 1954). Agrotis stigmosa occurs from Massachusetts west to North Dakota (Ahmandi, 1979). The early stages and host plants of A. stigmosa are unknown. The larva of A. volubilis has been reared from Achillea millefolium L. (McCabe, 1981).”